Disclaimer: This site not affiliated with Pag-ibig

It appears from the comments left on articles here that some visitors and readers have mistakenly assumed that this is a Pag-ibig Fund-initiated site.

I’m sorry if some entries here have led some of you to believe that I, the writer, am affiliated with Pag-ibig. Let this post be a formal disclaimer that this site has nothing whatsoever to do with that government agency.

Rather, this blog is a personal initiative that started when my husband suggested that we write about real estate in Cebu. To get more information about real estate transactions, I joined a seminar on the realty profession organized by the National Real Estate Association-Cebu Chapter before starting this site last year.

Since the option to take the real estate examination for brokers came with the seminar, I did that too and passed. I, however, only applied for a broker’s license last month. I was told just last week that my license has been released and I only have to pick it up with the NREA-Cebu Chapter office.

I’m also based in Cebu and can only provide information about real estate units here.

  • http://www.yahoo.com samantha

    if my contribution is only 120 monthly can i avail pag-ibig housing loan?and wat is the minimum years to pay before you can avail housing loan?

  • http://callcentergal.com Nhil / Call Center Gal

    That’s a good move especially if people would think that you’re a PAG-IBIG representative, we don’t want to misrepresent any company for that matter right? :)