Easy steps to a Pag-Ibig housing loan

(UPDATE: Pag-ibig says seminars no longer required for housing loans)

You’ve seen the property that you want to acquire, checked it out repeatedly, in fact, and you’re convinced that it’s the right one for you.

You’re a Pag-Ibig fund member and want to acquire the house and lot or the lot where you want to build your home through a Pag-Ibig housing loan but don’t know how to go about it.

Let these easy steps published in the Pag-Ibig publication “Pabahay ni GMA” and posted in the agency’s website guide you.

1. Attend a housing loan counseling session at the Pag-Ibig Fund office nearest you.

Applicants are asked to accomplish a preliminary loan counseling questionnaire, housing loan application form, and membership status verification slip (MSVS).
Based on these documents, Pag-Ibig officers will determine if the applicant is eligible for a housing loan. Eligible applicants are then given a checklist of requirements that they must comply with before they move on to step 2 in the list.

The requirements include: certificate of employment with salary breakdown (notarized), latest 1 month payslip, Income Tax Returns (ITRs) and W2 for the last two years, photocopy of a company ID or any valid ID with signature, proof of billing, birth certificate, marriage certificate, community tax certificate, and 1×1 picture (4 pieces).

For overseas workers, the requirements are: a special power of attorney (SPA), ID with signature of person designated in the SPA, photocopy of passport (pages 1 and 2), latest job contract, and POP contribution with record book.

To know some eligibility requirements of the agency, check out Pag-Ibig’s housing loan guidelines.

2. Submit to Pag-Ibig your loan application form together with all the requirements in the checklist and pay the processing fee of 1,000 pesos. The amount is non-refundable, even in the case that your loan gets disapproved.

3. Wait for notice of approval or letter of guaranty from Pag-Ibig on your housing loan. After your loan is approved, you will need to sign loan documents at the Pag-Ibig office.

4. Proceed to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and present the deed of absolute sale between you and the owner of the property. You will also need to submit other necessary documents like tax declaration and tax receipt or clearance for the payment of capital gains tax and documentary stamps tax and secure Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR).

If you want to know beforehand how capital gains tax and documentary stamps tax (DST) are computed, check out this post on taxes in real estate transactions.

5. After getting CAR from BIR, proceed to the notary public and have your Loan Mortgage Agreement (LMA) notarized.

6. The next agency to visit is the Registry of Deeds where applicants will need to pay transfer tax and registration fees for the transfer of title and annotation of mortgage.

7. If you’ve taken out a loan to purchase a new residential unit or a lot where you’ve had a house constructed, you need to secure an occupancy permit from the engineering office in the city or town where the property is situated.

8. Next stop is the Assessors Office where you will need to secure a tax declaration for your property, which may be a house and lot or lot only. This is to be used as basis for your real property taxes.

9. After visiting other government agencies, you need to go back to the Pag-ibig Fund Office, armed this time with the following documents:

* Original Transfer Certificate of Title in your name which has the mortgage annotated on it
* DOAS with original RD stamp
* New tax declaration
* Updated real estate tax receipt
* Occupancy permit
* Assignment of loan proceeds

10. The second to the last step is to receive the loan proceeds that you will use to pay the seller of the property.

11. The last step is to start paying the monthly amortization base on the scheduled date.

Interest rates are at six percent for loans up to 300,000 pesos, 7 percent for loans above 300,000 to 750,000 pesos, and 10.5 percent above 750,000 and up to 2 million pesos.

  • nilo f. inocentes

    Good day,

    Is it possible to inquire beforehand, if I am qualified to obtain a PAGIBIG loan before I attend the seminar or work on the necessary requirements?

    Thank you for your kind assistance.

    Mr. Nilo F. Inocentes

  • engkanta

    mr. inocentes,

    thanks for writing. for starters, to know if you qualify, please read this post:

    this post lists pag-ibig eligibility requirements and the four factors that are used as basis for the amount of loan that a member may take out. please not that pag-ibig chooses from the lowest among 1.) contribution 2.) loan-to-collateral ratio 3.) actual need 4.) capacity to pay (based on your net disposable income).

    another post, see link below, explains further the “capacity to pay” factor. also, in the post below are tables for amounts of loan, terms of loan, and monthly amortizations.


  • patrick

    how do we know our HDMF/PAG-IBIG number? I think I have this info but i’m not sure if it’s correct.

  • Abog

    Hi Mr. Inocentes,

    I’m a Pag-ibig member since 2002 and has made 43 contributions back in the Philippines (which was 7/25/2006). When I transferred to Singapore and eventually here in the USA, I continued with my contributions under the POP. I made a 10-month P950/month contribution this year under POP (from March 2006 to present).

    In meeting the 24-contribution requirement, doesn’t my Philippine contributions count? Do I have to have 24 contributions under POP?

    Also, assuming I’m loaning only P800K, doesn’t my previous contributions under POP already cover the 24-month amount (P8,400 vs PP9,500 already paid)? So this means I’m qualified with regards to this requirement, right?

    I do hope you could enlighten me, thanks very much!


  • Abog

    Dear Mr. Inocentes,

    Erratum on my previous email, it’s supposed to be March 2007 instead of 2006. And also, point of clarification, P8,400 represents P350 x 24 months (my required contributions under the P800k loan bracket. P9,500 is P950 x 10 months I have already paid so far.

    Thanks again,


  • engkanta

    you’ll have to visit your nearest pag-ibig office to get this information. pag-ibig will require you to present a valid ID if you’re asking about a pag-ibig number.

  • ma-an

    tanong ko lang what if my outstanding loan pa ako sa pag-ibig(salary loan) at i will pay a lump sum amount nung di ko nabayaran na payment previously..am i still entitled to have a housing loan? thanks

  • Chris


    Im really interested in getting a house ASAP but like everybody else, I need to go thru Pagibig so that I can afford buying a house. Iam looking for a delevoper that can help me look for the right house and process everything I need so that I can finally purchase my house. Iam from Metro, Manila, Quezon city so I prefer a house in QC, would you know anyone, contact numbers if you can. TY.

  • ann

    i am an ofw. is it possible for me to apply for a loan even if i’m away? i mean,with the seminars to attend and the requirements i have to produce, can i just ask a representative from my family to assist my application?

  • lanie magdaong

    Dear sir/madam,
    I was a member for 5 years when i was working in the philippines,now i am working in london and i want to apply for a housing loan via Pag ibig fund but i don’t know how to start the process.I need your help please.Thank you very much.

  • engkanta


    if you have arrears in your salary loan, you have to update them to be able to take out a housing loan. if the salary loan is long due, you have to pay the whole amount.


    will ask my friend in manila who is a broker if he has listing for quezon city.


    yes you can get a housing loan even if you’re not in the philippines. you must of course first be a pag-ibig member in good standing to qualify. what you need is to empower a representative in the philippines through a special power of attorney. please take note that this special power of attorney must be signed in the philippine embassy in that part of the world where you currently reside. the other requirements, i don’t know if this has changed, are ID with signature of person designated in the SPA, photocopy of passport of OFW (pages 1 and 2), latest job contract, and POP contribution with record book.


    please read my reply to ann’s question above. i think you and ann have the same concerns.

  • http://yahoo Glenn

    Hi, I’m a seaman and I am onboard, kaaalis ko lang last 14 this month. I want to ask if I am possible to apply online, I’m not yet a member and I want to know how. Can you help on this? Thanks

  • ferdie

    dear sir/madam,

    i have a brother abroad but who is now a citizen of that foreign country but originally a natural-born Filipino citizen and wishes to purchase a house and lot in the Phils. He was once an active member of the Pag-ibig Fund but had to stop paying his contributions being no longer a resident of the Phils. May he be allowed to purchase a house and lot thru the Pag-ibig Fund housing loan? If yes, how? Thank you very much and more power…

  • ssshhh


    Me and my finace are planning to acquire a condo unit thru pag-ibig financing. Would it be possible for us to have a joint loan? We will be applying for a loan and if ever this will be approved we want it to be paid by both of us thru salary deduction (half of the amortization will be deducted to me and half will be to my partner since we’re not yet married.) Please advise. Thank you.

  • Sheila


    Ineresado po ko sa housing loan, san po ung nearest housing counseling sa Las Pinas?

  • AMC

    I am working in UAE for the past 9 years. I am very much willing to apply for a housing loan. I am not a member yet but then i dont have any idea how can do such thing. I dont know how to start and I am willing to pay as long as I can apply for a loan for a house and lot located in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Please do reply. I need it very urgent. Thank you very much for your help.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Celine

    i want to purchase a lot but i don’t want to acquire the house offered by the developer since i want it to be build based on my own house design but the thing is, i want to loan it both to pag-ibig.. is it possible for me to loan for a purchased of a lot and a finacial loan for the construction of the house at the same time? Thanks!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Celine

    saka anu po ba ang mas advisable? kumuha ng house and lot or lot lang den mag-loan ng house construction sa pag-ibig?

  • vic

    what if sa mother ko yung lot and ako yung mag lo loan sa pag ibig to construct a house but I already have or in my case it’s my mother’s.

  • vic

    follow up ko lang po..I already have a lot available I just need to construct a house on my mother’s lot how can I get a housing loan?

  • cathy


    Yung bang makukuha namin sa loan, yun din ba ung pambayad namin sa buong equity?


  • ivy quibal

    is it possible na makapag avail ng housing loan ang husband kong seaman ng housing loan worth 1million kung ang pop nya ay 1 contribution palang ang aman ng pop passbook nya?kailangan kc namin agad magloan para sa bahay na inaalok ng tito ko samin madalian kc ang gus2 ng tito ko…..

  • engkanta


    there’s currently no application online for POP membership. however, you may file your application with any of the following offices:

    Pag-IBIG Overseas Program Office
    POP Overseas Offices
    Accredited Overseas Marketing Representatives
    Metro Manila and Provincial Offices

    since you are at sea, the best thing to do would be to apply for membership at any of the POP overseas offices once your ship docks.

    for a listing of where these offices are, check out the links below:

    North America


    Middle East

    Asia Pacific

    however, once you are a member, paying your contributions would be easier through Pag-ibig’s e-payment system.

    hope this helps!


    for your brother to be eligible for a pag-ibig housing loan, he must be an active member. this means he should be contributing regularly up to the present time. if he had stopped paying contributions some years back, then his membership is no longer active. he can choose to revive his membership through Pag-Ibig’s overseas program, which has been made easier with the e-payment system.

    also check out my above reply for more information on POP.


    i think you need to be married first for pag-ibig to allow you to take out a joint housing loan.


    all Pag-ibig branches conduct counseling. please call for their schedule. check out the pag-ibig directory for a listing of pag-ibig offices in NCR.



    please see my reply to glenn’s post above.


    under pag-ibig’s housing loan guidelines, a borrower may take out a loan for the “purchase of a lot and construction of a residential unit thereon”


    that is allowed under pag-ibig housing loan guidelines. you have to visit your nearest pag-ibig office and fill up a housing loan application. they will give you a list of requirements including attending loan counseling at their office.


    the equity means that amount not covered by your pag-ibig loan. you will have to pay for the equity. some housing developers have a plan wherein they allow you to pay the equity within 3 months or even longer.


    your husband must have contributed for 2 years before he could avail of a housing loan.

  • Grace Dap


    I planning to buy a house and lot in one of the subdivision in zambales.Can you help me im working here in saudi arabia.What are the requirement to avail your housing loan.

  • allan


    I have already used my PAG-IBIG housing loan. I and my wife want to use her PAG-IBIG to avail another house. But my wife works as a contractual from different agencies and is a member of PAG-IBIG for over 4 years now. Being a contractual, she was not able to pay her monthly PAG-IBIG in a regular basis. As of the moment, she has no work but wants to avail of the housing loan. How can this be possible? Also, can I use my payslip and ITR as a prrof to show that we can support to avail another house from PAG-IBIG using my wife’s membership.

  • Andre

    will pag-ibig approve the amount indicated in my application even though its more than 40% of my net disposable income?

    also, during the seminar the speaker mentioned co-borrower.
    can i make my sister as my co-borrower even if she’s married already? i dont have anyone else to make as co-borrower since i’m still single. thanks

  • http:[email protected] marites avila


    Do you have an available liason officer that could assist me in the process of procuring those requirements?

    If you have please refer me one I really need help.

    Many thanks!


  • engkanta


    you must be a pag-ibig member of good standing and should have contributed at least 24 monthly contributions before you could take out a housing loan. since you are outside of the country, you must also empower a relative or friend that you trust with a special power of attorney so they could handle the processing of your housing loan for you.


    pag-ibig requires that a borrower must be an active member, which means that he or she must be currently contributing to the fund, and must have contributed at least 24 monthly contributions.


    pag-ibig decides on the amount of housing loan that you may take out based on the lowest from among four factors. one of these factors is net disposable income. if net disposable income is the factor that is applicable in your case, then the amount of loan that pag-ibig will allow you to take out will be based on this. the pag-ibig table in the below shows the amount of housing loan you can take out based on your net disposable income.


    as to the possible co-borrower, your sister may qualify as long as she is not also a co-borrower of another pag-ibig housing loan. she must also be a pag-ibig member in good standing.


    this site is not affiliated with pag-ibig. before you can take out a housing loan, pag-ibig requires that you attend a housing seminar. at the seminar, you will be given an application form and a checklist of requirements. please visit your nearest pag-ibig office for additional information.

  • Cora

    I was an active member of Pag-ibig for almost 3 years, but i stop my contribution when i resigned in my work. I also apply for multipurpose loan and i have an outstanding balance amounting 1,500. I have a new work now, I want continue my contribution and activate my membership in Pag-ibig. What should i do to activate my membership. I also want to know if my I’m qualified to avail a housing loan

  • teresa

    I’m planning to buy house & lot from a subdivision, I just want to know when will i start paying my monthly amortization, is it after the construction of the house or after the papers where submitted & approved by the Pag-ibig?

  • cherry


    just a simple question lang po!pwede po bang mag apply ng pag ibig eventhough the person is not in Phils.

  • dey

    hi…i just wanna ask ung asawa ko nakapagcontribut na sya for 8 months..and naistop yon…freelance na lang sya ngayon…is he qualified para makapagloan ng house and lot?if yes ano ang mga requirements…

  • Grace Gama

    hello there. I am in canada now and a permanent resident here. But I am just curious if my parents can still acquire PAG IBIG LOAN to build a house on their newly acquired lot? If I can remember my mom, who is a retired public school teacher was a PAG IBIG member. She is still 63. I would be very willing to help them pay and how? Please email me back and explain to me how it works since I am new to these things. Thank you!

  • jeni

    hi.my husband is working in taiwan and we want to have a place of our own.our problem is we want to avail of your housing loan program.we want to know the requirements and where we can get a contact or where can i go to attend a seminar or whatever that can pursue our plans of having a house and lot.also,how many months or year of contribution do you need?tnx and pls answer me as soon as possible..

  • louie

    what if the house contruction had already started,,
    with the lot title still under my grandfathers name,,i want to knmow if im qualified to avail the loan.i need it urgent,please do reply,thanks

  • Ana

    I’m in Doha right now and paying pag-ibig office here, i’m an active member and just receiving the original receipt & my original passbook is with me. How will i know if this payment posted in phils?

  • sel

    i heard that some developers are charging a certain percent for helping applicants in getting a loan. is this okay?

  • alan

    what if sa akin po nkapangalan ang purchased lot at gusto ng sister ko working abroad apply for a housing construction on my lot, pwede po ba yun?

  • zofie

    sir, ask ko lang po..pwede po ba ko mag avail ng housing loan just to use it sa pagtubos ng house & lot namin na nakasangla?

    or can i avail for a rennovation of house?

    thanks po..

  • beth

    im an ofw,i just want to ask where i can find ur latest available units and places kc when i m trying to open pag-ibig housing fair 2008 ay di ko din makuha,ty

  • Raquel

    Hi, I’m just wondering what sort of timeframe we would be looking for from the start of the application to the end? My parents are quite elderly and I would have to stay in the Philippines to do all the legwork in acquiring a property and applying for the Pag-Ibig loan myself and I’m just wondering how much time away from work I would be looking at if I everything from start to finish? Thanks!

  • jamb


  • bhabes

    i want to ask only, if pwede po ba ako mag loan ng bahay na gamit ang pagibig fund ng husband ko?my husband is seaman and he’s on board,he is support me to use his pag ibig fund /how?; thanks!

  • bhabes

    can u pls help me??reply to my question..thanks!

  • ann

    Do you know any subdivision in or near Olongapo City, Zambales where Pag-ibig Housing Loan is applicable? Kindly advise. Thanks in advance!

  • http://yahoo.com tess

    gud day,
    ask ko lng po kung pwede magloan kung nakatira sa abroad, d po nya kya mag cash,ano po ang mga requirments at pano po ang prosesso. thank u po! God bless!

  • felix


    I would like to know how many days will it take for a loan to be approve considering that you submitted all necessary docs and requirements.

    thanks po!

  • Chanda

    How long would it normally take for a housing loan to be approved? Moreover, my father would like to apply however, he may not be able to attend the seminar because of his work, can my mother go instead?

  • http://yahoo.com Helbert D. Taborada

    gud day…

    im just asking how to regester in pag-ibig? i am overseas worker here in riyadh,and i am not a member of pag-ibig but i want to avail housing loan.. what are the following requirement needed for regestration… can you advice me what are posible things to do?

    thanks and god bless…


  • http://realestate.cebunetwork.com teresa

    Do you know any subdivision in or near Olongapo City, Zambales where Pag-ibig Housing Loan is applicable? Kindly advise. Thanks in advance!

    and how many monthly contribution, needed and what if, i have a different employer paying my pag-ibig contri because i’m only a contractual.?please kindly answer me as soon as possible

  • vine

    hello po!
    Inquire lang po sana ako if pwede ba ako maging member ng PAG-IBIG, I don’t have a work because I took care of my children, I do have a live in partner, is it possible for me to avail a membership even though i don’t have a work?

  • luningning

    my daughter is a member of pag-ibig when she was working in manila. now, she is dubai wanting to continue her contributions. what will i do to facilitate all the requirement she need. Please help, thanks you.

  • lorieza nalica

    what if im working here in japan..what are your requiremets…

  • lyn

    hello…my husband applied for a housing loan and the unit was ready for take out now… i just want to know if i can avail housing loan for the development of the said unit that my husband applied. thnk

  • http://www.purevolume.com/smegmah Yoshiken


    are there any list of houses/developers that is accredited by pag-ibig loan in batangas? preferably santo tomas. and is it covered by the one that was being said on Mr Noli De Castro’s commercial?

  • Romualdo Dela Rosa

    good day sir,

    can i avail of a housing loan by merging my POPand my local contributions? and what are the necessary steps to be taken and forms to be filled up if i can avail of the said loan?
    thank you very much and more power!!!

  • Joy

    hi! I would like to ask lang po kung pwede magloan for instance ng 500K and dun na din po kumuha ng pangdown sa bahay na nagustuhan namin at hindi lng un for monthly amortization? I have a contribution for more than 24 mos. already & as i checked the chart, pag 200/mo. contribution mu, loanable amount is 500k… i already printed all the requirements needed, my only problem is kung kailangan magbigay ng check na 30% down payment sa house na un, how can we pay that? hoping for a prompt reply..thanks



    I’m a government teacher. I just want to ask if there are any list of houses/developers that is accredited by pag-ibig loan in Baliwag or plaridel bulacan?Thanks

  • arleen salcida

    hi! tanong ko lang po gusto ko pong kumuha ng house and lot para sa parents ko pero nandito po ako sa taiwan nakatira at di na po me nagtratrabaho pero ako po ang magpapadala para sa down payment at monthly equity amortization and monthly payment until na matapos yong bahay na kukunin nila. so yong father ko po ang pakukunin ko ng bahay at lupa thru pag-ibig kasi sya naman po ang may trabaho at member ng pag-ibig pero i think may problema kasi nakapagloan na sya ngayong 2008 but di malaking halaga is that posible na maaprove na makapagloan sya ng bahay at lupa if ever ma-complete requirements na sya sa realty para sa bahay na kukunin nila? please help me di ko alam ang gagawin ko…please!!!! hope to hear from you soon…thank you!

  • nenita a

    i would like to know if i could apply for a housing loan. naging member po ako for 7 years way back 1986-1993. Tapos nagmigrate ako sa US. Gusto ko sanang bilhin ang house and lot ng sister ko kaya lang hindi pa nila fully paid ang lot nila sa NHA. Puede bang mabili ko ito through the Pag-ibig housing loan? Ano ang magiging requirements na kailangan ko i-submit while i am still here sa us para pagbakasyon ko this coming november ay dala ko na?.. thank you very much

    nenita a.

  • princess anne


    Are there any list of houses/developers that is accredited by pag-ibig loan in masbate city? Hoping so,,


  • Edwin UAE

    I am a member of PAG-IBIG OFW program and yesterday i paid in full 21 months to complete 24 months of contributions thru remittance here in UAE, my question when can i apply for loan? Am i eligible for loan now since i have completed 24 months contributions.

  • analyn

    I used to be a member of PAG IBIG when i worked as a govt employee three years back. But presently I am an OFW and no longer a member of PAG IBIG. Now I am interested to avail of the housing loan from PAG – IBIG as I really want to have a condo unit of my own. My question is, “Am i qualified to avail of the PAG IBIG housing loan even if i am no longer a member? What advice can you give me”?

  • mylene

    I am ofw,I am a pag-big member before, i stop my monthly payments last year, i worked in private for 3 years- member and 3 years in government and member either…am i eligible for purchasing house and lot in the philippines thru pag ibig? What will i do

  • amy

    i am a Pag ibig member could you refer me any developers in San cArlos City, negros Occidental


  • kim

    hi! im interested in applying for a house loan. i am now a housewife and a dependent of my husband who has a business. we havent made any contributions since we quit our jobs at the same company. though we worked for almost 3 years and made our contributions then.

    are we qualified to get a loan? thanks

  • kim

    by the way our last contribution was about 3-4 years ago. thanks

  • http://www.yahoo.com Eduardo Cabrera Jr

    a pleasant day..just want to know if the Pag ibig office forwarded a notice to proceed( NTP )for the construction of the house into the realty developer so it means that Pag ibig has guaranteed an specific amount depending on the unit(House and Lot) which i bought.

  • http://same awen

    sir,tpos ko na pong byran ung membership ko for 24 mo gus to ko snang kmuha ng housing loan sa olongapo wla po ba akong bbyaran na downpayment sa developer at kylan po kmi pwedeng mag move in kung skaling na secured ko n lht ng documents na kylangan ng pagibig d2 po ako nw sa al khobar saudi arabia
    thanks and more power
    awen ng alkhobar

  • ryan fenandez

    hi, im ryan fernandez gusto po! namin mag asawa mag karoon ng sariling bahay part of san pedro laguna im here now in qatar papano po! b ako makaka pag loan dito ako sa qatar! meron po b kayong hausing na bahay na sya gus2 ko bago ako umuwi my bahay na ako 2010 pa ako d2 at mag kano po! ang interest pakilinaw po sakin alahat kung magkano at hanggang ilang taon ang bayaran ko pag nag hausing loan ako at magkano ang interest//????? tnx..ryan F.

  • ryan fenandez

    hi. ask k po! kung pd din ako maka pag loan worth 500 thousand kc my bnebenta sa amin mag asawa part of cavite at papano po! ba ako mag member 1 year po! b makakapag loan na ako?? kc gus2 ko ng mabili ang bahay sa cavite mag kano magiging ineterest at san d2 sa qatar pede mag pa member tnx!!!po! reply ASAP janxent f.

  • http://realestate.cebunetwork.com/24/easy-steps-to-a-pag-ibig-housing-loan/ Mark

    I’m a casual employee for almost 2 years now and I’m earning a gross of Php 11,000.00 a month. Am I qualified to avail a housing loan? Please advice..
    Thank you very much!

  • Jimmy Motol


    Asked ko lang po I am OFW here in Saudi Arabia nakbili po ako ng house and lot sa DECA Homes Marialo, Bulacan thru Sulit.com.ph ngayon po nakatira na ang family ko sa house na iyon at patuloy parin po akung nag huhulog sa kanya included our agreement to pay mothly for her payments to pag-ibig at mothly for house reinbersment,
    Paano ko po maililipat sa pangalan ko ang housing loan at ako na po ang mag mohly payments sa Pag-ibig.


    Jimmy M.

  • anne

    How long does it takes before the pag ibig housing loan does approve? I already got pag ibig through verdantpoint developer and done paying with equity. I need to know how long how does it takes to approve the loan?

  • http://yahoo.com matty

    last 4yrs. nagfbakasyon ko nag-atemp ko na magloan in one realstate then everything almost tapos na nagbayad pa nga yong anak ko ng 1month contributionas recontenuation. then nag stop ulit ko due to circumtances. pwede ko ulit maituloy yon or back ako again sa 1st step.

  • http://yahoo.com anelyn

    dear sir/madam:

    Good day!
    im a pagibig member and i successfully paid 2 years contribution..i want to apply a housing loan..im a self employed but i just renting a place of my business area..i have no business permit and income tax to comply as some requirements for housing loan since im not the owner of the area.but i have the capacity to pay the monthly amortization if granted..what should i do to make my application will be approved even i dont have business permit?please help me? i need ur idea or advices…

    sincerely yours,anelyn

  • http://yahoo.com anelyn

    i need ur answer very soon! thanks u so much…God bless us all!

  • http://none philip jordan ylagan

    Hi… my girlfriend took a loan for a lot and she want me to take the half of the land and put in my name in legal ways, but i want also to take a loan for the half of the land, but im not wet a member but im willing to be a member if its posible, so it will be separately payment for the half of her land and the half of the lot that she want to share with me, the thing is, im in abroad and we want to do that when i come back in the philippines, its posible to be a member in pagibig while im out of our country, is that posible, hopefully that you will reply and answer my questions soon in the fastest way. thanks a lot.

  • aLea

    Hi, Good day.

    I am interested in a condo unit here in manila, where ang financing manner nila is thru Pag Ibig loan. I am not yet a member, tho I am asked to pay a lumpsum of 24months kasabay ng application ko for membership [as self-employed] para nga daw maka avail ako ng loan. I am gathering information as much as I can bago ko sana ituloy kasi medyo malaki rin ung lumpsum na need kong ipay sa Pag Ibig kung hahabulin ko ung 1.5M worth na condo unit. Here are my questions: [1] Since ang business ko po ay taxfree [ISBS operator under PAGCOR], tho may W2 ako na nakukuha with different income figures every month, and meron po akong regular na remittances from abroad. Paano po ba cocomputin ng PagIbig ang magiging monthly contribution ko or pede po bang ako ang mamili? [2] Just in case ma-approve po ako ng loan, and since I’m self employed, paano po ang manner ng payment ko sa Pag-ibig, and when po mag iistart ung payment? [3] Kung ung condo unit na gusto kong bilhin is naka tie up sa Pag Ibig, ano po ang magiging manner ng pagbabayad ng monthly amortization ko sa condo unit?

    Pasensya na po, marami akong tanong. Gusto ko pa sana ng outside info aside from the agent na kausap ko. I don’t want to fall prey sa mga mapagsamantalang tao kaya nagve verify po sana ako. Malaman ko man lang kung tama ung procedure na pinagagawa nya sa akin.

    I’m hoping for your immediate response, much more appreciated kung sa email masasagot ung questions ko.

    Thanx a lot, and More Power.

  • jeng


    i’m an ofw for almost 1year.I am a member for almost 3 yrs already.Pwede ko po bang malaman ung contributions ko at kung san po pwedeng ituloy ang pagbabayad?i’m planning to get a house and lot on my next vacation. thanks!

  • Rodelia Chan

    Good morning, asked ko lang my daughter is receiving 15 thousand a month, and she is a memeber of pag ibig for 3 years now, tanong ko lang po kung mag lo- loan siya sa pag ibig hannagang magkano po ba siya ang house and lot na dapat niyang iafford?

    Pls. reply soon.

  • rhinalyn

    hi poh uzt ko pag-ibig ni mike santos

  • Mirasol M. Mayores

    There are housing unit that has high equity, is it possible for the equity to be included in the housing loan? Our monthly contribution to pag-ibig is more than the mandatory deuction set for government employees.

  • susan m. velarde

    i just want to know if my daughter is qualified to apply for a pagibig membership and later on apply for housing loan.while she had a pr in singapore.she works as a flight stewardess in singapore.if she is qualify tells us whats the requirements.and i will also ask if my son can apply for a membership while his only requirement is barangay clearance business permit.Do i have to get an itr for this.and he can also qualify for a housing loan partner of my daughter.meaning they are co-owner if they get a housing loan.hoping for your prompt response so i can arrange all the neccessary requirements if they are both qualified.thank you very much for the assistance

  • PJ

    Magandang gabi po,

    Isa po ako sa aktibong member ng pagibig, almost 4 years na po, may isa pong house in lot dito sa aming lungsod na ibinibenta na ng may-ari, nakuha nya rin po yung house in lot through pabibig financing,at may 1 year pa po syang huhulugan sa pagibig. ang tanong ko po is, pwede po ba na mag file ako ng housing loan,na itutuloy ko po yung hulog sa pagibig, at yung rights po na hinihingi ng owner nung house in lot?pupwede ko po bang kunin yung pambayad sa rights dun sa i lo-loan ko sa pagibig na housing loan? sana po matulungan nyo po ako..

    Magandang gabi!

  • ian

    sir / madam

    isa akong pag ibig member at ofw ako dito sa jeddah saudi arabia ,gusto ko po sanang ipagpatuloy ang paghulog, gusto ko rin malaman kung pwede narin akong mag loan kase dati nman ako naghuhulog kaya lng di ko alam kung pwede na ako magloan, at san po ako pweding maghulog dito sa jeddah.. salamat po……

  • Alex

    Hello to All,

    isa ako OFW at plano ko ring mag apply ng housing loan. ask ko lang, ano ba mga disadvantage if sa PAG-IBIG ako mag apply ng housing loan? kasi at least para sa mga nagpaplano tulad ko na maka avail ng housing loan, kailangan din ako aware sa mga negative na posibilities. kasi hindi rin basta2x na amount ang involve nito.

  • http:[email protected] ApRiL

    Ask lang po ako pano ang prOcesS pg kumuha ng pagibiG loan ang mOther ko gs2ng bumili ng hous so i sugGest sa pagibiG nlng. ,oFw sya. ,ahm pwdi po humingi ng coMplete record kung mgkaAno.

    .slamat’sna my resPoNse.

  • Jerry M. Castillo

    Happy new year!

    I just want to us how can i avail a housing loan and what are the requirements? i am active member of PAGIBIG since 1999 onward.

    Thank you so much.

  • http:[email protected] carmelo y. olivar

    happy new year! OFW PO AKO, nag start na po ako na maging member ng PAGIBIG at nag lump sum payment na po ako para makumpleto ko ang 24 monthly contribution. pwede na po ba akong mag avail ng housing loan? Sa embassy po ako pupunta upang mag apply? ano po ang requirements at paano ito maipa process sa Pinas? Your positive response will be highly appreciated. Thanks and God bless!

  • Pros

    Ask ko lang din po, na yung wife ko bumili ng lot sa developer. So pwedi ko ba ma apply sa pag-ibig yong binili nya? since nakapangalan sa kanya ang contract to sell.

  • http://Doha,Qatar Hassan D. Usman

    dear sir or madam,
    iam hassan usman i am working in doha,qatar. i want to be a member of pagibig housing loan and i dont know how to be a merber plz can you help me

    Thank you so much

  • Maje de Leon


    I am planning to acquire a lot here in Bataan.. gusto ko sana iloan sa pag-ibig.. possible kaya?

  • ester antolin

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Im a member of pag ibig forv a year and im interested to buy a unit in manila cos i dont have any accomodation there its difficult for me most when i arrived from UK so is three weeks enough for me to arrange all the necessary requirement needed and also i had my first payment inb davao and tranfer to manila then cabanatuan is it easy for me to get my records of payment please help me with it cos i got three weeks of leave only and i want to avail unit in manila


  • caezar


    Does PAGIBIG have Preauthorized payment now? I have active housing loan and still paying it, I’m now in Canada and wondering if I do a preauthorized payment for my loan. I heard about Scotia Bank that they do preauthorized payment for PAGIBIG but I don’t have the all the details and if this is applicable with my situation.

    Appreciate your response.



  • http://yahoo denden

    my fiancee acquired a lot from cmp,(community mortgage program),he is also a pag ibig memeber. Is he qualified for the pag ibig loan ,for building a house even were not fully paid the total price of the lot?or after we get married, can we used a joint loan for building a house?

  • http://yahoo.com lolit

    i really want to apply a housing reconstruction loan can u help me thru this pag ibig benefit? can u give me the requirements, terms & conditions regarding this matter.. thanks a lot.

  • kim


    Upon submission of my loan requirements (assuming that i am qualified to have the loan), how many days does it take for PAG IBIG to release the Letter of Guaranty or Notice of Approval?

  • http://none aireen

    dear sir/maam,

    im a member since last year and i only paid my first month.now,it’s been 1 year haven’t pay my monthly contribution because of a big financial problem before.it was already settled and i continue paying my contribution.i paid for 6 months contribution from every month in four months in a row…so totalling 25 months already.my question is: if i will apply a housing loan,does it affect my performance paying my monthly contribution for approval?
    im planning to loan middle this year…please,need your advice.thanks! God bless

  • van

    I’m a Private Employee as of 1997. Im seeking to avail a Home Improvement Program of HDMF. My Basic Salary Pay is only amounting to 11,600. and I have my present Pag-ibig Salary Loan and will start on March 2010 with monthly amortization of 1,053.19 for 2yrs.

    If ever i decided to apply for the Home Improvement Loan can Pag-Ibig deduct my Loan on MPL? How much can be the max. proceed of my Home Improvement Loan? How long is the terms of payment? And how much is the monthly amortization will be? Please also advise what could be the requirements?

  • aries

    i want to know if i’m eligible to get the housing loan even if not working in the company but i have own business i will able to pay monthly

  • lorena

    i just want to ask, if my husband needs to fill up a pag-ibig membership form in saudi arabia if he is already an inactive pag-ibig member here in the philippines. tnx

  • Daisy Letran

    hello, I am a Chinese citizen, born here in the Phils., and married to a naturalized Filipino since 1987. I am now 47 years old, have 3 children, and an active member of Pag-ibig for almost 6 years. Can i apply for a pag-ibig housing loan since my husband is not a Pag-ibig member. He is jobless for almost 15 years since he had a stroke. Please help. I am getting old and want to have a house of my own. Thanks and more power to Pag-ibig programs.

  • jeodesa m.suarez

    gud pm ask lng po ako my daughter works as a call center agent in manila.she plans to apply for ahouse and lot purchase loan thru your good office.dito sa davao plan nya bumili.saang office ng pagibig ba sya dapat mag apply.i need your advice as soon as possible. thank you so much…

  • http:[email protected] [email protected]

    ask ko lng po gusto ko po mag aply ng housing loan para sa new house and lot pwede po ba ako maka avail nun .im a co borrower ng husband ko sa kanyang hounsing loan.at hindi pa po kami updated dun,pero may plan naman po kmi i update ang payment dun if possible bayaran na lahat ng arrears.paano po ang prosesso o pwede ba itransfer nlang yun loan ng husband ko sakin ?

  • Robert

    hello po…

    May nabili po ako lot sa malolos bulacan at gusto ko pa sana mag loan sa pag-ibig for contruction kaya lang sa april pa ang release nung title na nakapangalan sa akin…

    pwede po ba yong letter from developer na fully paid na ako i-submit sa pag-ibig at contract to sell at deed of absolute sale…to follow na lang po title..

    maraming salamat!

  • Marcos Arenas

    Pede ko ba ako makahingi ng ledger katunayang natatanggap ng pag ibig yung monthly amortization ko. sa kasalukuyan kasi, ang hawak ko lang na dokumento ay yung xerox copy ng notice of approval at walang pirma ng pag-ibig. under kasi ako ng in-house through pa-gibig loan. isa pang dokumento na hawakko ngayon ay yung xerox copy ng tct na nakapangalan pa sa owner ng lot. pede ho ba akong pakibigyan ng advise.

  • http://none jing

    sir,ask ko lang po.ilang taon bang member ng pag-ibig pwede makaloan ng housing.at magkanu ba dapat ang hulug monthly.thanks!

  • Anecito F. Carrillo

    I am 56 years old and have been a Pagibig member for quite a long time which membership has matured already. I am now more than two years since my initial contribution (second time). Can I be qualified for a housing loan or any loan from the agency?

  • Val Ernie L. Felisco

    Ask ko lang po kung pwede po akong maka avail ng loan.I have a lot with tittle here in davao,gusto kung mag loan for construction of the house.Im a member of the Pag ibig since last 2007 and until now i regularly paid of my contribution monthly.ano po ba ang kailangan ng mga requirements and possible ba na maka pag avail ako?thanks,wait for your reply.

  • Rizzalyn

    Greetings! i am a nurse abroad po.i am planning to avail of housing loan thru pag ibig.uwi po ako mid january pra iprocess po.ano po requirements and how long po bago ma approve an loan?thank u

  • Juvy V. Roxas

    Hi, I would like to inquire if it would be possible for me to file a house construction loan with Pag ibig fund.We own a lot for 400 sq2 but was in mortgage..What do I need to do ?



    Tapos na ako nakapagholog ng equity paano pag hinde maaprub ang housing loan ko sa pag-ibig. maibalik ba sa akin ang hinolog kong equity?

  • pamela s. sombilon

    good day..i’m a voluntary member of pagibig since 2005..more than 24 mons contribution n po nahulog ko at na stop na due to some circumstances..Right now po,our company are now a member of pagibig fund..100 per month ang deduction s salary k..dun po sa voluntary membership ko..400 quarterly po ang hulog k.ask ko lang po kung ano po ang mngyayari dun sa voluntary contributions ko dati? mg aaccumulate po b ung nauna kong voluntary contributions at sa ngayon pong monthly salary deduction k s company nmin.?at ok lang po b na yung sa company membership n lang ang itutuloy k na hulog?sna po magkaroon po ng ksagutan ang mga tanong ko po…thank you so much..

  • FRANCES grace jimenez

    ..nagtatrabho po ako sa spa at ang sahod q po ay by commissions lang.may pag ibig po aq kaso po ng 1996 pa po un..pwd pa po ba ako maka avail ng housing loan?by the way im 37 years na po ngaun at eleven months palang sa work q…salamat po

  • http://yahoo.mail mary grace yambao

    helo po gud day po!
    i just want to ask if papano poh aq makapagapply ng housing loan may binibenta po kasi bahay ung pinsan and im planning to apply for pagibig may husband is an OFW,if ever po ba magapply kmi how long does it take para maaprove yung loan namin.and yong bahay po kasi na benibenta is cash.i was a member dati pero nastop po yun nong maendo ako sa work qualified po ba kami if babayaran namin ng buo ang 2years na bill?
    maraming salamat and sana mabigyan nyo ng kasagutan ang aking mga katanungan….
    best regards grace yambao

  • Julieta F. Soriano

    Gud day,,, im an ofw. My husband got the unit from ur housing loan. My concern is how and what are the requirements to comply for adding my name under my husband housing loan since im starting paying for the monthly amortizations instead of him. Would like to ask,, what if i miss paying a monthly amortizations and i’l pay for the next month. How much will it cost the interest per month?
    Need the reply asap.
    Thks a lot. May God Bless Us.

  • Albino

    im ofw here in madagascar ano po ba ang mga requirements para mka avail nito…im searching a house na mura at simple..kung meron sana cainta rizal i mean with in cainta,rizal.thanks po

  • sony

    i im qualified na for lompsome sana i have 118(one hundred contribution)but i have a gap for 2 months only year 2008 tha i was resigned to my previous employer…is there any possibilities or any way for a lompsome mdyo gagamitin ko sana ung cash tnx gud day

  • http://easystepstoPag-ibighousingloan glenda suwa

    how long does it takes to transfer the house and lots title to my name? from pag-ibig ? ilang araw (weeks ang process ? and what is the requirements?

  • lovella caraig atienza

    Gusto ko lang malaman if updated ang remit under my name, I dont have PAGIBIG number yet.Thank you

  • Francis

    Ask ko lang po how to submit Housing loan reconstruction, ano po yung requirements,

  • marlou

    13 years po ako naghulog ng pag ibig since nagwowork ako sa maynila…nag stop po ako ng cont. noong nag ofw po ako,,gusto ko pong mag housing loan,habang nndto pa po ako sa abroad..pwede nyo po ba ako matulungan.

  • marlou

    may salary loan pa po ako na hindi nababayaran matagal na po….pwede po ba ako mag housing loan?ofw po ako..

  • http://www.yahoo.com jane perillo

    Right now im working here in UAE..i want to become a member of pag-ibig even if im out of my country,is that possible?how can i apply?

  • http://pag-ibigloan Juanito Delfinado Jr.

    papaano po kung ag sign ko ay di pareparehas ehhhh iba po ung sign ko sa mga ID ko at ung sign ko sa mga sign document ko….. Di po ba un ma approve?

  • ellen

    hello po, i just want to ask kung pwd ho akong mag apply for pag ibig membership. i am self employed. i have my internet business for 4 yrs. may nabili na po akong lot sa pag ibig at gusto ko sana patayuan ng bahay through house financing. pwd po ba?maka avail kaya ako ng 1m loan for the house payable for 10 yrs? cgurado nman po ako makakabayad. pls advise. thanks

  • jhie

    gud day!
    ask ko lng po kung pwede akong mag avail ng housing loan dito ako sa manila ngwowork pero sa province ang house na eloloan ko..makaka avail ba ko?tnx

  • http://realestate.cebunetwork.com ailen r. agas

    one of the requirements of pag-ibig for self employed having a business is a financial statements and the ITR, can I ask even small businesses need financial statements?in my case, i dont have an ITR being a self employed, the type of tax that i’d paid is the monthly percentage tax, i have an ITR when im an employed, but being self employed i dont have, what kind of tax should I pass? pls answer thanks…

  • thess austria

    my husband applied for the housing loan under the real estate, i would like to ask if i could separate loan for the improvement of the house? we’re already paying our monthly amortization for almost 2 yrs now. please enlighten. thanks.

  • jenny

    hello po magandang umaga po! magtatanong po ako,dito po ako sa abroad,gusto ko po bumili ng bhay sa pinas,pero kailangan member ka daw ng pag ibig fund,pwede po bang magapply kahit nasa abroad ako,paano? sana mapagbigyan nyo ng kasagutan ang aking katanungan.

  • cecile

    Hi goodevening,
    Balak ko sanang mag apply ng housing loan, paano po ba mag apply at saka ilang buwan po ba na pd nang makakuha ng house and lot? balak ko kasing ilipat yung pamilya ko sa manila, sana mareplayan po nyo ako, sa madaling panahun..have a nice evening po

  • Ralph Q. Pedrozo

    Sir/Madam OFW po ako at member po ng Pag-Ibig for 10 years na po
    ngayon po may gusto po akong bilhin na Lot, at ang Lot pong ito nasa probinsya, pwede po ba itong e apply ng Loan sa pag-ibig ang worth
    po ng Lot is 1.2 million, makapag Loan po ba ako kahit nasa probinsya po ang gusto kung Lot (vacant lot), ang contribution ko po sa pag-ibig ay nasa maximum po, please give me some advise for pag-ibig loan.

  • http:[email protected] idiag desmond
  • nerri

    Ask k lang po na i’m plan apply for house construction loan,but i’m OFW ,and2 po ako sa middle east.ano po dapat gawin sa pag-apply for house contruction loan.i have a own lot in quezon province in lucena city.ano ang mga requirements sa OFW For Housing Loan Construction. and how long the processing the document’s for house construction loan…
    Thank you and god blessed.
    Nerri Saudi Arabia

  • [email protected]

    my husband is planning to buy a lot…we want it to use pagibig fund…how can we apply…I am working mother for about 20yeards in YAZAKI-TORRES MFG. INC but my husband has no job since 2 years na. can you help us to seek for help in finanacing? thanks,

  • http://yahoo.com pag ibig

    madaming nag lo loan araw araw.. 1000 per head….obligado kang mag bayad ng pag ibig monthly pahirapn ang mag loan at take note may bayad pa n 1000….kalokohan ito./.

  • http://yahoomail olivercapilitan

    hi good day po sa inyo , isa po akong ofw at gusto ko pong malaman hung may contribution po ako ngayon sa pag ibig kac 1st taym ko pa pong mag abroad at gusto ko po sanang malaman kung kailan po ba pwede maka loan ng pag ibig housing, kac may contribution naman po ako sa pag ibig sa dati kong pinagtratrabahuan dyan po sa pilipinas…

  • Maria Susie R. Colcol

    member n po akong ng pag-ibig since 1995, gusto ko po sanang mag avail ng housing loan, pwede po kaya, nakapag start na po kami mag construct ng bahay s lupa ng parents ko ay gusto ko pa ay matapos, natigil po ito kasi kulang na s budget, can i avail a housing loan for continuation of our house construction

  • arlene belleza

    Paano po ba mag apply ng PAG-IBIG?kasi po housewife lang ako at yung husband ko naman self-employed.paano po kaming dalawa mag apply?

  • http://www.lds.org Warren

    good day, we are already in the steps 3 in processing our PAGIBIG house @ Lot loan. but we would like to ask your attention, someone in PAGIBIG Bacolod Branch got also interested in the property we desired, He keeps telling my spouse in a way to discourage us, or by saying what if the appraisal is lower are we still interested to pursue?..how, and he insist referring us to other properties we do not like, even he himself will not want it since he too is looking for a property. it is obvious he wants us to give up and he will take that property..( we live in the same place – Baranggay )..when we ask him for a follow – up or to find out what else to be done after Engineer Appraisal, he simply lead the discussion as if we can only hope for less and look for another property instead..I think this is not a professional way in helping us since we already started the papers, and start all over again to a different property..our papers are all clean anyway.. the way it should according to the housing seminar we attended..we aree employed in the Govt. too,,our gross is allowed to P500,000…we already made Contract to sell to vendors P450 – 500, if the approved amount is lower, we are willing to add up just to get the property appraised by PAGIBIG..I hope there is no conflict of INTEREST here between PAGIBIG members and PAGIBIG Employee…and our Loan is not to BE TAINTED with other parties interest..Please Help..We only ask not to completely describe the nature of my problem to him which might lead him to identify who we are, and INFLUENCE our loan for disapproval..our only desire is to remind him of his true nature of work, and who is really the PAGIBIG priority after all..and we should respect that applicant and his/her Loans without any bad interest…Salamat Po!…please noticed..

  • marissa tierney

    kumuha po ako ng bahay sa apec through pag ibig ang taga lakad ko po dyan ay ang kapatid ko .nakabayad na po ako ng equity,at ang titira ay ang kapatid ko at ako po ay uuwi sa pasko ang tanong ko , ay ilang buwan ba ang paghihintay bago sila maka lipat

  • marianne

    hi i want to ask if there is posibility to loan for a housing loan..since im in the netherlands and im not yet a member but im willing to sign up for membership..hope for your asap responds..

  • http://batangascity Jocelyn de Juan

    Magandang umaga,,nais ko po sanang mag loan ng house & lot.My problem is im not a member of pag ibig,,may posibilidad po b n makapagloan aq kahit ndi aq member.Ofw po aq d2 sa Israel…Lubos po akong umaasa sa inyong kasagutan,,, .tnx a lot &
    god bless us

  • dexter quinto

    pano po un isa sa mga requirements kulang ako kasi po self employed ako mag 3years na ang contribution ko, ito po ung siste kumuha ako ng condo unit rent to own matatapos na po ung down payment ko ung balance ko e loan ko po sa pag-ibig the problm s wala akung ITR un po ang kulang sa requirments ko, giv me advic naman ko kung ano dapat kung gawin……. antayin ko po ang reply ko more dtails naman po sa tanong ko, salamat po

  • anna liza quinton

    ask ko lang po, kung pwede akong magloan for construction ng house ko. ang problem ko po wala po akong hawak na title ng lot, dahil nasa NHA pa po. I’m a government emloyee, gusto ko lang po sanang mapaayos ang house namin. sure naman po ang monthly salary ko. kaya kaya ko pong magbayad ng monthly payment sa PAG IBIG. Ano po ang dapat kong gawin?

  • Floro R. Cruzado Jr.

    meron po benibenta sakin house and lot may titulo na po sya, pwede ko po ba ito i apply ng pag-ibig housing loan? 57 months na po ako member ng pag-ibig.

  • Christian

    are there any list of houses/developers that is accredited by pag-ibig loan in Pangasinan? preferably Rosales.

  • joey

    Hello po, ask ko lng po,as far as the seller is concern,kailan ho mababayaran ang seller?pagkakaintindi ko po sa nabasa ko sa inyo,na transfer na ang titulo ay di pa rin bayad ang seller,letter of gurantee lng ang hawak nya,ganun po b yun?please explain

  • http://www.yahoomail.com gino salmasan

    isa po akong ofw at member din ng pag ibig my tanong lang ako pwd ba maka loan kahit na ompisahan na ang bahay ko ng pag gawa…maliit lang din ang lot ko nasa 27SQ METTERS lang…

  • http://gogle gina aballa

    gaano po ba katagal na magkaroon ng membership number kasi po bago palang ako kaya wala pa po akong number ng pag ibig fund ofw po ako dito sa dubai mayroon din po bang id ang pag ibig.salamat po

  • mike

    gusto ko po sana makapg loan ng bahay6 years n po ako s work ko nkapg loan n din ako s pag ibig ng pera pero nbyaran n po un..tanung ko lang pag nag aply po b ako ng loan sa pag ibig s bahay magkanu po kaya ung kaltas every month?
    salmat po…

  • http://www.yahoomail.com Lorena

    i am a private employee & my salary is below 7 thousand/month, i can avail that said PAG-IBIG housing loan?

  • http://www.yahoomail.com weng

    ano ba web site ng pag-ibig dito sa tagbilaran bohol?

  • Marissa

    gud day po sa inyo itatanung kulang po kung paano mgapply ng housing loan, pwde po na bhay lang kasi po my lot na kami ung bhay nalang po ang kulang, gusto k po sana magaapply sa pagibig housing loan. ngwork po ako sa isang private company and 6 years na po ako until now, regular staff po ako.
    hope you response my msg.
    thanks you!

  • http://facebook Hilario P.Barbado Jr.

    ako po si larry miyembro ng pag ibig ng nahigit limang taon napo at isang local government employee, na gustong magkaroon ng isang bahay ng rent to own. at may may nakapag sabi sakin na marami raw na for clousure na bahay at isa nga dito ay aking pinuntahan pa sa bacoor molino sa woodestate village block 20 lot 14. at aking nagustuhan, at kung meron po sanang iba na mas mura at kakayanin ng isang maliit na pangkaraniwang empleyado na gusto pong magkaroon ng isang matatawag na bahay para sa aking pamilya. sana po ay mapagbigyan ninyo po ako sakin hiling. at lubos po akong nagpapasalamat sa inyong tulong o pang unawa.

  • Jacque

    pag ibig member po ko since December 2009 pa ,and due to some financial troubles from the past years,last july 31,2001 ko lang po ulit nahulugan,nong mag member po ko dpo me nag tanong kung ilang taon po ko maghuhulog 5years po ung maturity ko,And onother question po,totoo po ba na mag advance payment lang ng 2years sa contribution eh makaka avail na sa housing laon? Sa case ko po kc may maliit npo lot nabili ung parents ko,cash lang po talaga ung need namin to construct the house,pwede rin po ba un sa pag ibig?ano po ung procedure?magkano po ung minimum na pwede namin ma avail?how much po ung monthly payment non?at magkano po ung deposit if ever na magrant yong laon,Than k you po and more power!

  • efren villaruel paguio jr

    sir/mam paano po mag apply ng housing loan balak ko po kasing manguha ng bahay at lupa sa inyo pero po wala akong kolatiral na mabibigay sa inyo empleyado po ako ng goverment transco afab bataan sana po matulungan nyo ako na magkaruon ng sarili kong bahay at lupa gumagalang po efren villaruel paguio jr

  • Rodande f. Cabungan

    What is the necessary doc to provide which for me to complete my availment of my housing loan?am nine years separated(not legally) to my wife.since then i don’t know her whereabout.i want to avail this loan without her presence.i tried to seek help with a private lawyer (notarial)Indicating that my wife is missing.but pagibig dagupan refused to accept that said docs.all i want is to continue this application by my name alone

  • victor

    ako po 12yrs na member ng pagibig,,yun pong kaibigan ko may bahay sya,naka loan sa pagibig,5yrs na siyang naghuhulog,ngayon po ,aalis na cla ng pamilya nya,gusto niyang ibigay sa akin,pwede ko bang i housingloan yun,para mabayaran ko yung naihulog nya, ano po ba ang pwede,,,salamat po,,,

  • victor

    sana po natulongan nyo ko,,,maraming salamat po,,

  • Rhea

    Hi, I am already a member of Pag-ibig since 2003, I am asking how can I apply for a loan, I am an OFW and since 2009 I don’t have any remittance of my contribution, how can I avail a loan from your office.Because I am planning to apply for an OFW Program Loan. Please help me about this. Thanks!

  • ria mae

    member po ako ng pag ibig for 3 yrs..pero nhinto po ako ng pgbyad ng contribution ko ng dito na ako nag trabaho sa qatar..ano po ba dapat kng gawin pra mcontinue ko po yung pgbabayad ko..mka pg avail pa rin po ba ako ng housing loan?

  • beth eustaquio

    ask ko lng po if san po makikita mga available rent to own houses ng sunny brooke1 and 2?

  • Ruby Masagca

    gud day po ask ko po sana kasi i’m applying for a housing loan.
    1. kailangan po ba personal na kumuha ng requirement sa office ninyo?
    2. Hindi po ba pwedeng sundin yung requirement na naka lagay sa site ninyo?
    3. How long po ang process after ma accomplish lahat ng requirement?

  • http://yahoo Tristan

    I started paying my monthly membership with Pag-ibig on July 25 2011 and right after flew back to Saudi Arabia where I am working as an Accountant. My salary is Php 67,000 excluding OT’s. With this salary, is it possible for me to get a loan for 2.5M to build a house? Can you please include in your reply the computations if I will pay it in 10 yrs. Thank you and God bless.

  • http://www.facebook.com Flordeliza

    My respect to all concern!
    I want to own a house somewhere in tacloban through a pag-ibig housing loan. I am a single and member of pag-ibig, residing in northern samar. Am I qualified to to avail this housing loan? Please send me list of housing loan offered together with the proceeds, monthly amortization, and other related informations about this loan if ever i apply. Thanks a lot and I am looking forward with your reply…

  • gen

    hi,,since 1999 i am pagibig member and continuous po ang paghulog ko ng contribution but last 2005 nag stop po ako ng hulog ng contribution ko sa kadahilanang ako po ay ng fulltime mom,,but before ako magstopng contri mayroon po ako naiwang salary loan na di ko napagpatuloy at natapos ang hulog..but this year 2011 back to work na po ako..my question is makapag avail po kaya ako ng housing loan ? kahit na nagstop ako ng hulog for about 6 years??ano po mga steps na dapat kong gawin? para maka avail ako ng housing loan…tnx..

  • Joselyn A. Llarena

    pagibig memebr po ako ng mga 15 yr na nais ko po mapagapply ng housing loan nais ko po sana na dito din sa pasig ang makukuha ko na bahay maari po ba ito.

  • Joselyn A. Llarena

    pagibig member po ako ng mga 15 yr na nais ko po sana makapagapply ng housing loan,pero nais ko po sana na dito din sa pasig ang makukuha kung bahay maari po ba ito.

  • Joselyn A. Llarena

    pagibig member po ako ng mga 15 yr na nais ko po sana makapagapply ng housing loan,pero nais ko po sana na dito din sa pasig ang makukuha kung bahay maari po ba ito….. d2 po kc sa tinitirahan namin mayron mga binibinta sa bahay pero may association po kami d2 maari ko ba magamit ang pagibig loan ko para d2.

  • Cecile Manalo

    would like to inquire lang po kung totoo b na wala na seminar sa pag ibig then interview nlng ni developer tapos sila nalng mag fforward nun sa inyo.

    Thank you po sana ma guide nyo kmi about dun

  • jocelyn m. christie

    hi, i am Jocelyn Christie. im a filipina from sanjaun my concern’s are i am a house wife and im here in Beijing for now.my husband is Forigner,what are the requirements do i need to submit if i want to apply for the housing loan? but i am not a pagibig member yet. but i have sss i.d. that have access to pagibig also.Pls,kindly email me…

  • jocelyn m. christie

    i dont have work for now as i have a little one.. am i qualified to apply for the housing loan? me and my husband want to know pls. and what are the requirements do i need to submit if ever?

  • eunidia alaska

    ofw po ako…..ask ko po kung pano mk avail ng housing loan s pag ibig?if ver po ilang araw ang approval since 1 month lng ako d2 s pinas….and if ever po n mkkuha ako ng lupa…puede po b n ang cobstruction ng bahay e puede ko b i under s pag ibig housing loan?ano po b ang process at dpt kong gawin….kung mkabalik n ko s ibang bansa…puede po bang asawa ko ang mgtuloy n mgprocess kung d p tapos ang approval?
    tnx po and more power!GOD BLESS

  • http://yahoo Generov

    Tanong ko lang po kung pwedi pa akong mag avail ulet ng housing loan kase dati po kumuha na po ako ng bahay ba’t di ko itinuloy. Mga 4months na akong naghuhulog ng equity.tapos itinigil ko na kase po sa financial reason.Nagmail na po ako sa developer to stop may housing loan due to financial reason.May posibility po ba na madisapproved ang loan ko?

  • jackielou

    Hi po,ako po ay isang active na member ng pag ibig,mag 9 years na.ang asawa ko po ay isang ofw.gs2 sna nmin bilhin un binibenta n lupa,200sqm,nagkakahalga po ata ng 200k po.gs2 po ssna namin makuha un lupa tru pag ibig,mag loloan po kmi.isa pong problema ko.hndi ko po alm kung paano mag sisimula.dalhil hndi ko po alm .taga mariveles bataan po ako.Kya sana po matulungan nyo po kmi……..Inaasahan ko po sna un reply nyo mo skin bukas..salamat po…….

  • http://yahoo pauline marie d. mendoza

    Greetings in Christ!
    Pano po ako maka-avail ng housing loan kung akin po ang lot. Ang iavail ko lng po sana ay para sa pagpapagawa ng bahay, Ang lot area po ay 121sq m. magkano po ang net pay dapat? DepEd employee po ako. Paki-specify po ng mga requirements na ipapasa po sa inyo. Maraming salamat.
    More power.

  • http://yahoo.com ana rose

    ask ko lang po kung pwde na po ba iapply agad sa housing loan kapag nag ii-start palang mag monthly na bayad sa 20% downpayment ng total contract price nga bahay? thanks

  • julie ann

    magandang hapon po, ask ko lang po, may kinuha na po kaming bahay at lupa kung sakaling matapos namin ung hulog sa downpayment ilang buwan po ang processing ng paper sa pag-ibig para kami ay makalipat?

  • Jesus Vitug

    just want na inquire kung san po pag-ibig branch kami mag aaply ng housing loan, im from antipolo,rizal..

  • nelda batingal

    hello po,
    tanng ko lng po sana kc nkabili po ako ng bahay dto sa laguna pero nsa pangalan pa ng developer di pa po nka convert sa pangalan nong 1st buyer tapos nung gusto ko e loan sa pag ibig di daw po pwede hanggat di ma convert sa 1st buyer tapos ko na po nabayaran ung additional payment sa conversion last 2009 na until di pa rin na convert ano po ba dapat gawin na ma re assume ko na po ung bahay under my name?kc wla na po akng narinig sa developer kng di nsa process pa …ano pa po ang pede kng gawin ?

  • christian

    ask ko lang po kong pede magloan para makabili ng lupa sa provice? ilang months po daw nakapaghulog? at klangan po ba malaki ang salary?

  • christian

    ask ko lang po kong pede magloan para makabili ng lupa sa province? ilang months po daw nakapaghulog? at klangan po ba malaki ang salary?

  • Hilda L. Almendras

    good day!
    Iam a pagibig member.iwant to ask lang po f pwede aq s housing loan khit deed of sale p lang hwak q…f nid nman po ang title at nkapagptitle n aq, posible po b n mkapagloan aq pra s house construction?ang site kc nun lot e s miracle heights2 here in lipa…22o po b n bgo aq mkloan s pagibig e kylangan at least my 30% n ncmulan s bhay?f possible po n mkaloan aq, gano po katagal un term ng pagbabayad nun?at kung mkabayad po aq before the term ends…nagle less po b interest nun?thanks po

  • jenevieve

    good day po ask ko lang po sana,2 years na po kami nakatira sa house namin na nakuha through pag ibig..paano po ba ako maka avail ng housing loan improvement? ano po mga requirements?.thank you po

  • chelsea ysabel

    May nagbebenta po kasi sakin ng lupa, around 250sq/m. ang gusto po sana namin magkapatid maghati kami sa lupa. tatlo po kaming maghahati para mapatayuan namin ng sarili naming bahay. ano pong dapat namin gawin kung ung titulo po ng lupa ay isa lang. dba po kasama po sa requirment ninyo ung title para maaprove kami sa housing loan. we need your advise. we are all pag-ibig members.
    salamat po.

  • Alexander Abad

    hello po,
    puede ko ba e-loan yong house & lot ko sa pag-ibig? clean title po ito at nasa name ko. ako po ay OFW. paki advise lang po.
    maraming salamat po.

  • rodalin

    ask k lng kng ppaano mag loan s pag-ibig isa ako ofw hsd pwede b ako mag loan ng cash at paano k malalaman n 6years n p ako nag aabroad kng 6 years n dn b kya nka update ang pag =ibig k

  • tonette ferol

    I check your website about sa acquired asset then pinuntahan ko ung area i like the place. My question is how can i be sure the unh bahay na un is not under ng isang developer? Kasi nakapost sya sa site ng pag ibig acquire asset. I want to make sure kasi. salamat.

  • http://saudi gemmaa

    paano mag-apply sa pag-ibig loan housing yong mura lang ang monthly

  • jonathan

    sir good day po sir pwede po ba magsalary loan s p[ag ibig ilang araw po ba makuha ang pera ksi 40 days lng po ako s bansa natin.salmat

  • Evon Ruffner1

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