Pag-ibig housing loan and net income

Among the four factors used by the Pag-ibig Fund to compute the amount of housing loan that its members may avail of is their monthly net disposable income.

Net disposable income is what’s left of your salary after deducting taxes, mandatory contributions to Pag-ibig and Social Security System (SSS) for the private sector or Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) for the public sector, and loan or other payments (if applicable).

Since Pag-ibig decides on the lowest amount of loan that a member may take out based on either contribution, actual need, loan-to-collateral ratio, or capacity to pay (based on the net disposable income), it is the latter factor that is usually used as basis for most housing loan computations.

The table below is a listing of net incomes and their equivalent housing loan amounts pegged on the loan terms or the number of repayment years.

Income table (1)

(For loans over 750,000 pesos, see the rest of the Pag-ibig income table.)

If, for example, you want to take out a housing loan of 500,000 pesos, you must have a net monthly income of about 25,000 pesos if your loan term or number of repayment years is five years. You may still avail of the same loan if your net monthly income is 10,000 pesos if you choose a 20-year loan term.

Now that you know the amount of housing loan you can take out, the next step is to determine your monthly amortization. How much do you need to pay Pag-ibig Fund on a monthly basis if you take out a 500,000-peso housing loan for 5, 10, 15, or 2o years.

The table below lists loan amounts and corresponding monthly payments based on loan terms (5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 years).

Amortization table

For loans above 750,000 pesos, see continuation of amortization table.

  • How did we know,if how many bedrooms in one unit are there in 50,000 loans amount within 10 years

  • engkanta

    hi tin,

    the table is for purposes of determining the amount of loan that a member intends to or may take out, how much net income he should have to qualify for that amount, and the monthly payments he has to make. it does not reflect contract price of a house and lot unit.


  • riza

    good day!
    i am interested to apply in pag-ibig…i am also willing to pay the lump sum amount in 2 years…and is willing to pay the rest of the amount based on loan term(in years)…i am not an employee…i dont have any income…all i have is the money given to me by my parents…and my questions is, am i still quilified to apply in pag-ibig, since, one of your requirements is the net income of your members…
    thank you…

  • Marilou

    I had already acquired a pagibig housing loan in Bacoor Cavite. And i had it since 1996.I am still paying the mortgage every month. My term is 25 years. I am now working here in Dubai and it seems i dont have anyone to go to your office in Makati to pay my morgage every month. What’s my possible option? Can i pay my morgage semi-annually or annually? and how? I got a PCI-Equitable Bank Acct. Can you debit my monthly dues in my acct?

    Please help.

  • Lorelie Eustaquio

    can i know if i can loan to paigibig for 500,000 i am OFW ihave my house and lot but not yet paid already the whole amount of the house and lot thnk you hoping for your response

  • Em

    if married, what’s the basis, personal income or household income?

  • engkanta

    pag-ibig has what it calls voluntary members and they are those who are not employed or are self-employed who choose to contribute to the fund of their own volition. maybe your case falls under this category. please inquire with your nearest pag-ibig office. they can explain the matter better to you.

    just a disclaimer: this is not a pag-ibig website. and i am not in any way affiliated with pag-ibig. i’m a broker and my posts here are intended to help those who have questions about pag-ibig’s housing program. i’m sure pag-ibig has some payment arrangements for members who work outside the country and who have housing loans. please inquire with the pag-ibig office. its website is

    if you’ve been a pag-ibig member for two years or more, you may avail of the agency’s housing loan program. if you have an existing housing loan with a bank or any financing agency, you may also choose to have this loan transferred under the pag-ibig fund.

    the basis will be the personal income of the spouse doing the borrowing if its already sufficient for the amount of housing loan taken out. there are couples though who opt to combine their income so they could take out a bigger amount. in this case, one spouse becomes the main borrower and the other becomes the co-borrower.

  • dianne

    hi…u send that u will give a list of developers somewhere here in compostela,liloan or consolacion…until now you haven’t posted it yet…pls do…tnx

  • dianne

    i mean u said…sorry…

  • elena de la cruz

    where can i get the pag ibig membership form? i live in the UK. as im not a filipino citizen, what requirements do you need? thanks..

  • Em


  • engkanta

    hi dianne,

    sorry about that. i was out of town for sometime and neglected this blog. was not yet able to network with brokers with listing in those areas. will try this week. thanks for your patience


    i’m not sure what the procedure is for pag-ibig membership for those living abroad. i’ll inquire with the pag-office for you when i go there within this week.


    you’re welcome. glad i was able to help

  • elred atos

    sir/mam good day
    happy new year to all….

    where can we avail of housing loan counselling? when in fact, our place is in Oroquieta City, Misamis occidental. we do not have PAG-IBIG office here in our place.

  • abner

    we (together with my wife) intend to buy a house and lot worth 1.5M. we plan to do the loan as a couple, is it possible for us to do the loan if let say i have a gross monthly income of 50K and my wife has 18K income?

  • dette

    paano po ba malalaman ang computation ng equity ng house and lot? 500,000 php ang value. approximate na loanable amount sa pag-ibig ay 495,000 php. may reservation na pong 5,000 php?

  • ritchelle


    Will if be possible if I apply for a housing loan and have my in-law who is based in the U.S to be a co-borrower instead of my spouse so I can borrow a bigger amount? If so, what are needed requirements from them.


  • april

    ^ I dont think both of you can apply for two loans to buy 1 property because if one of you applies for a pag-ibig loan your wife will be your co-borrower.

    One of you will need to apply, not both.

  • Sherry


    I applied for the PAG-IBIG housing loan last November 19, 2007 through a developer in cebu,for I was convinced by this agent to apply for this housing loan of PAG-IBIG. I already completed the requirements and start paying the equity last December 19, 2007 up to now. It’s already 3 months passed but until now I didn’t receive any feedback from the developer with the real status of my loan. I would like to ask when will be this loan will be approved? Coz I keep on asking my agent for this loan and she said that it was already forwarded to PAG-IBIG under anotations. I’m hoping to receive a feedback for this housing loan.

  • engkanta


    sorry, i’m based in cebu. i’m not familiar with the pag-ibig offices in misamis occidental. please visit the pag-ibig website for this information.


    yes, you can opt to loan out as a couple, with you as main borrower and your wife as co-borrower so you can take out a bigger housing loan amount. check out my earlier post on the pag-ibig housing guidelines to see if you’re eligible for a loan and what you still need to do if you’re not.

    please remember that in evaluating the amount of housing loan that you can take out, pag-ibig decides from among four factors. whichever loanable amount (for you) comes out the lowest from among these four factors, pag-ibig will peg your loanable amount on.

    the four factors are contribution, loan-to-collateral ratio, actual need, and capacity to pay. these factors are discussed further here. so if your contribution affords you a loanable amount of 2 million but only 1.5 million based your capacity to pay, then pag-ibig will peg your amount on the capacity to pay factor.


    i’m not so familiar with equity computation. what i know is if you’re taking out a pag-ibig housing loan for a house and lot with some developer, sometimes pag-ibig covers only a certain percentage of the loan based on the loan-to-collateral ratio. related to this is if your developer has a buy-back provision and the amount of loan you’re taking out. what pag-ibig does not cover, you will have to pay as equity. this factor is discussed further in this post.


    i’m not sure if it’s possible for your co-borrower to be an in-law and who is residing in the US already, please inquire with your nearest pag-ibig office.


    it’s not automatic for a wife to be co-borrower if her husband takes out a housing loan. spouses can choose to only have the husband take out the loan, with the wife not a co-borrower. taking out loans as a couple is for purposes of combining the monthly contributions so you could take out a bigger loan amount.


    the only thing you can do is check with pag-ibig about the status of your loan. three months is a long time for a loan application to be pending.

  • mer


    i am a member of pagibig for almost 20 years. i’m a public skul teacher, and until now i have never owned a house because my children are still having their tertiary skuling. now i have a big problem because the owner of the lot where our house was built(we bought the house when my children are still kids) urges us to leave since we stayed in their lot for free, and we understand it. wen i saw your commercial my family was delighted. my net disposable income is only 5000/month. can i avail for the housing loan? i hope i could still.. thanks a lot and God bless..
    i’ll wait for your reply..

  • engkanta


    this site is not in any way affiliated with pag-ibig. i write about pag-ibig topics in line with my real estate business.
    as to whether you could take out a housing loan and how much, please be guided by the pag-ibig table above. in the table, pag-ibig requires that if your net disposable income is 5,000 or less, the total amount you may take out as housing loan is P300,000 with loan term of 25 to 30 years. the monthly amortization for such amount of loan is P1,932 for 25 years and P1,798 for 30 years.

  • Abby

    Im interested in applying for a housing loan thru pag-ibig program, my husband’s last payment of his contribution was may07,from his previous employer(private co.) and now he is a govt employee. he started to update his contributions just this feb08,I also want to ask for your advise, our net income is approximately 20,000 we are planning to purchase a house and lot worth 530,000 pesos but I am the one who will apply and he will be my co-maker, will I be approve?My contribution is 200 per month(Im a private employee),do we have problems w/ his contributions(not updated for 8 mos.)?if my loanable amount is 300,000 will we pay the 230,000 left as equity? pls give me your advise,thank you very much.god bless!

  • maja

    ask ko lang..i am a student and i am interested to apply and be a member…i have enough money to pay the monthly i qualified?i hope so….and if ever na pwede..ano po ang mga requirements?i will wait for the reply..thanks

  • anjo


    Can you site the advantages of availing the 10 years over the 25-years housing loan? Will it would be better to take the 25 years if i have extra money for advance payment?

  • 3pleapple

    hello.just like to ask if u cud be a borrower and a co borrower at the same dad’s planning toa apply for a loan and have me as his co borrower, but at the same tym, i’m also planning to apply for a loan for myself..

  • http://yahoo marivic

    hi! i want to continue my monthly contribution so i could avail for a housing loan. I’m a member of pag-ibig for more than 3 years. My last contribution was November 2007. How much do i need to pay for my monthly contribution?
    Thanks and God bless!

  • mhem

    ask ko lang po. my mom 45 yrs. old. a pag-ibig member wants to avail a housing loan, gusto ko lang po malaman kung yung mga nahulog na nia for that yrs. nde ba ma aavail thru housing loan? or may mga discounts lang for that? and the table you post po is up to now yan pa rin po ang guide i mean the latest? dapat mag lulump sum na po siya kaso nagka prob. yung last company nila. nagclose. anu pa po pa ang pede nia kaya ma avail na madali po.?
    help us pls.

  • rikz

    Hi Sir/Madam,
    Hi everyone, my question goes like this..I am a active member of Pag-Ibig for almost 2years and my question is how much is my loanable amount in housing loan having a monthly contribution of P100.00 per month and a net pay home of P8,500.00.) the table that you posted is a clear one yet i want a clear computaion if i have the given computation below? My last questionis how much is my monthly dues if i may loan for P750,000 – P900,000.00?

    Hope to hear from you a response for my queries because im trying to have a house and lot by this year. by the way i used to pay my loan in 25 years.

    God Bless

  • Marie

    I just want to commend you for a very informative blog site. :)

  • Nandy Sison

    why does some reality companies assume only 285,000 of the total TCP of say 375,000? you then have to shoulder the remaining 90,000 adding on it the processing fee of about 31,500, deposti of 10,000 to be deducted in one year. total of 10,958.33 for the first year. can it be the whole TCP be entered in Pag-ibg loan?

  • http:[email protected] len

    just want to ask if the hdmf require net disposable income in 750,000 loan if the developer offer a 100% buyback guarantee.

  • danny pascual


    good morning.
    im very much interested to get housing loan through pag-ibig. i would like to know if my present contribution is lower than the loan applied and in order to qualify am i allow to request for the contribution upgrade without involvement of my present employer. please help!
    thanks and more power!

  • danny


    good morning!
    we have neighborhood association.
    our problem is how to apply housing loan through pag-ibig.
    the lot owner want to sell his land which occupied by our association. is there any posibility to acquire this land through pag-ibig housing loan program? pls help us!
    thaks and more power.

  • danny


    good morning,
    we have neighborhood association.
    our problem is how to apply housing loan through pag-ibig.
    the lot owner want to sell his land which occupied by our association. is there any posibility to acquire this land through pag-ibig housing loan program? pls help us!
    thanks and more power!

  • Chi


    Good afternoon,

    A owner of a house and lot wants to sell her property which she acquired thru pag-ibig. It was fully paid and the title is with her. I just want to ask if i will purchase that property can I acquire it thru pag-ibig housing loan? What are the requirements and procedures?


  • Jefferson

    How would I know if I have already made 24 months’ worth of contributions to pag-ibig? I’ve browsed on the official website and found no option to update your total monthly contribution made, similar to that of the SSS website where you can inquire online how much contributions you have made. Hope you can help. Thanks!

  • je

    gud pm.i just want to ask i worked last feb 14 2005 till sept kulang pa ako ng mga 5months.i know i can pay the lome some pero just want to ask kailangan p b itr since d n naprocess ng office k un and yung salary ko nuon is 15000 plus comission kaya umaabot ng 20k pero nakasult naman sa pa slip.e may nagugustuhan akonh house worth 1.7m..may possibility kayang maapprove yun?

  • maria angela feliciano

    I just want to ask if we avail a 30 yrs. to pay plan of 10,000 pesos with a loanable amount of 1,000,000. and I had lupsum money of 500,000. Where will be deducted? principal amount or number of years? tnx

  • nelsson

    good day,were planning to get a house near las pias or cavite (bacoor)i just want to ask if you do have contacts with other broker or developer which have house at that area that only cost 300k,thanks in advance…

  • trell

    hi! i just would like to ask what if i would like to mke a pmt more than my usual monthly amortization,can that be possible and how?

  • christine

    hi,,, about the table on monthly amortization… if i multiply the monthly amortization times the no of years time 12mos… thats the overall payment i’ve made to pag ibig… but i cant figure out where is the 6,7,10.5% interest rate.. is it compounded interest?

  • Mabel

    How can I apply for a personal loan here in Dubai??

    I want a 200,000 pesos loan.

    May I have the requirements for loan application.

    Await your reply.

    Thank you.

  • Mabel

    How to apply for personal loan here in Dubai?

    What are the requirements??

    Await your reply.

  • Zeozif

    Hi Enkanta,

    Would like to ask if I am a co-borrower, will I be paying the monthly amortization also? If so, how will the payment be split?

    Is the capacity to pay will also be based on the total of the main borrower and co-borrower?

    Thanks in advance,
    Advance Merry Christmas!

  • girlie

    I am government employee and active member of Pag-ibig for almost 3years. I am principal borrower’s oin this loan coz my husband working abroad (seaman). I preapred all the requirements already and hoping this coming march,2009 i started to hand-in my applications in pag-ibig. Gusto na talaga namin magkabahay agad this 2009. but my problem is my net pay home (8,800) na lang at ang amount ng proposed plan house ko ay 650,000. And the table that you posted in net disposable income must be in 10,811.17 net pay home. By the way, i used to pay my loan in 25-30years. Ma grant ba ang loan amount namin just in case? Pwedi bang pagsamahin nalang ang net pay namin ng spouse ko?
    PLEASE response me asap… Thank you so much!!!

  • http://pagibighousing carla

    would like to ask about membership of pag ibig, is my mom allowed to become a member even if she doesn’t have work but i will finance her monthly. only the membership will be in my mother’s name becoz i’ve changed my citizenship. pls response ty.

  • titserami


    is it possible for a person to have his fiancee as his comaker for pag-ibig loans?

    i learned lots from this forum. thank you!

  • http:[email protected] Donna Fe Laum

    hi im ms.donna fe laum,gusto ko lang po malaman kung pwede na po ako mkapagloan ng pagibig ko almost 3yrs palang ako naghuhulog ng pagibig ko san ko po pwede malaman ang hulog ko sa pagibig ko ano po website ng pagibig salamat po.

  • dirk

    Can you send me a table if your loan is amounting to 2M to 3M? Thanks

  • Marlene

    Hello… ask ko po sana kung pwede pong maghousing loan ang husband ko member po cya ng Pag-ibig almost 13 years na po cya mahigit sa company nila at gusto po ng nanay kong ipagbili ang bahay at lupa nila sa tondo residential po, at kami po ang bibili, sana po matulungan nyo po kaming maka avail ng housing loan with renevation or constuction na rin po,salamat po at sana agad nyo pong masagot ang katanungan ko.

  • DAN

    mag loan sana me sa pag ibig housing loan..kaso ung net disposable income ko ay kulang dun sa gusto ko maloan..pde bang maging co-borrower ko ung spouse ko kahit seven months pa lang siya nagwowork?
    pls help..

  • Alberto Cañete

    hi good day to you mam,,,pwede ba ako maka avail nang cash loan sa pag-ibig,gusto ko sana bumili nang sasakyan.2yrs na akong member sa pag-ibig…ofw ako almost 30k yung monthly ko