Pag-ibig net income table

Income table (2)

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  • emman

    I am single and have a Gross Monthly Income of 89,000 pesos. What is the maximum Loan Amount can I avail and years of payment? Thanks

  • marilyn masibag

    I used to have a pag ibig account but i don’t know what happened to it.. i would like that to be open again.. How can i do that.. please reply to my email.. thanks marilyn

  • ebuen m. mendoza

    For 15 & 20 years to pay the house & lot loan @ 2M. I am an OFW while my wife an employee of a chemical plant.We both are members of PAG-IBIG.I am 45 years of age and my wife is 47 years old. The lot area is 443 sqm with an old house.

  • Pearly Joy Emperio Alayon

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Since 1999 i was working and i also keep on changing my employer. Before i never care if they(employer) submit my contribution. But they always deduct from my salary. What is the best way to tract my record or contribution in PAG-IBIG.

    I want to make a house and lot loan. I am currently working abroad and i want to continue my contribution, in order for me to qualify the house and lot loan.

    I will be a big help for me if you can tract my record and my number as soon as possible. Or if you have any suggestion for me, please do. I appreciate your help.

  • ruth gecain magpulong

    what is the requirment needed to apply housing loan in pag ibig..